Become a Zandi Land Product Evangelist (How to Sell Our Shit!)

If you found yourself here, chances are you understand how important retailing is for your business! (Have you checked this out yet?) When you start selling any product, just like when you learn a new service or technique, you need to study up on it! Whether you are a new Zandi Land retailer or you are looking to up your game, consider this blog a much needed cram session - but the good kind, it’s the kind that’s gonna secure all the coin! 

By the end of this blog you will have insider info, secrets, tips and tricks, and the confidence to answer any question your clients throw your way. As a Zandi Land Product Evangelist you’ll effortlessly win-back your clients every 4-6 weeks when their products run out!

Ready? Let’s go!

 Know the Products!


Let’s get into basic Zandi Land Products 101. We carry several different products for several different needs. Our Deck Line is our bikini skin care including exfoliants (Deck Scrub) and moisturizers (Deck Polish). Each product does something different and they are intended to be used together for best results! Knowing the ingredients of each will help you create the right cocktail for your guests - so let’s get into it!


Our scrubs contain natural physical exfoliants (bamboo shell and pumice), natural chemical exfoliants (canadian willow herb), antibacterial properties (tea tree oil), hydrating ingredients (vitamin e, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter), and sea salt to remineralize the skin. This winning combination packs an effective punch for the specific stubbornness of ingrown hairs while understanding the delicacy of the skin in this intimate area. 

Exfoliating with our scrubs will remove dead skin that traps hairs in ingrown purgatory (ouch!), kills bacteria that can lead to irritation and infection (gross!), and hydrates the skin preventing dry skin buildup (ahhhh - calgon, take us away!). Like any exfoliant, they can be used 24-48 hours after waxing services and we recommend using it 3-5 times in the shower weekly to begin before adjusting for more or less! 

If we couldn’t love our formulation more, we have 3 different formulas for your clients to love: Original, Sensitive, and PURE. After all, Goldilocks needed to find what was just right for her too! Just hope your clients aren’t as imposing as Miss Locks.

Original, or OG as we like to call it, is our best selling base formula. It is intended for anyone who does not have skin sensitivities - but is far from basic. It is tried and true with a hefty amount of our physical exfoliants, moisturizing ingredients, and has a light aroma of gardenia, ylang lang, and tea tree oil! 

Sensitive and PURE mimic our original results with slight changes to the formula that match skin sensitivities and lifestyle needs. Sensitive contains the same ingredients of our Original with less physical exfoliants by weight. We added aloe and chamomile for extra calming and moisturizing. 

Take Sensitive and remove the added fragrance and you got our PURE formula. We also upgraded the coconut oil to a fractionated version that we love for a dreamy featherlight feel. (You can read all about how cool it is here!)

When deciding on scrub recommendations for your clients ask these two questions:

  1. “Are you sensitive to natural fragrance?” If yes, recommend PURE
  2. “Does your skin feel more dry or irritated when you exfoliate even when you follow the instructions diligently?” If yes, recommend Sensitive

If they answered “no” to both, recommend Original and follow up with them on their next appointment to see if you need to update your recommendation. 


Our Polishes are the second step to great bikini skin care! They hydrate, close pores, and prevent and treat ingrowns! Unlike other balms and oils, our formula absorbs into the skin without that greasy feeling that leaves your skin or clothes feeling a certain yucky way. Our Polishes can be used immediately after hair removal and as frequently as needed.

We have 2 Polishes, Original and PURE. You probably can now guess the differences between the two, huh?! Original contains fragrance and PURE does not. But what else do the two have? Our Polishes contain anti inflammatories which tame chafing and initial redness (allantoin and oat bran extract), natural astringents to close pores (witch hazel), natural anti-bacterials and anti-microbials (orange peel extract) and hydrating ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E).

We reformulated our polishes in 2021 to be 100% vegan by removing the milk protein and lactose (amazing anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients!) so our plant based babes could pick between either of our scrubs! They were replaced with a naturally derived algae extract to offer the same soothing skin benefits. 

For more info on each product and complete ingredient lists - head to our individual product pages!



Deck Glow is our incredible new brightening serum. Created into a luxurious oil serum that absorbs easily and helps with hyperpigmentation and scarring where you wax and shave. Curcumin soothes skin and reduces the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation. Amla Extract improves the appearance of skin discoloration. And our stable Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone while Sea Buckthorn Oil improves the appearance of scarring and rough skin texture. 

Deck Glow Brightening Serum is for any kitty experiencing hyperpigmentation or scarring caused by wax and shave woes. Our non- comedogenic formula means even the most sensitive of skin types will benefit. And Glow has no synthetic fragrance, allowing it fit into anyone's regiment, even your PURE loving clients! 

Our Pros have been begging for a brightening serum to work specifically with Deck Scrub and Deck Polish, and we are delivering!  We've been working diligently for the past three years (yes three years!) to bring the right ingredients to achieve the best results. Clients will love the lightweight serum that absorbs quickly to gently even skin tone and minimize the appearance of scarring.

Glow Brightening Serum is the perfect addition to your #skintimate routine. Educate clients to use after exfoliating with their favorite Deck Scrub, and before hydrating with thier favorite Deck Polish as the treatment step in their routine. Exfoliation allows for the best skin cell turnover and prepping for Deck Glow Bikini Brightening to penetrate the skin. After, Deck Polish seals in your serum to keep it working all day long. Magical results you can count on actually working! For best results, Glow should be used daily. 

With that under your belt, let’s put your product knowledge into tangible business gains with 4 quick tips!

1) Use the Products!

In our last blog we talked about educating proper usage during service. But you know what’s better than talking about them? Using them! Kitty Wipes, our soft touch freshening wipes with chamomile, cucumber extract, aloe, and vitamin e, are a great way to introduce the brand when the client steps foot in your room for a quick clean feeling in those intimate areas. Deck Polish Back Bar is the perfect conclusion to close down your clients' pores, reduce redness, soothe the skin and  provide flawless results and to reinforce the product. If you offer vagacials, Deck Scrub is perfect for your exfoliation step and you can use Deck Polish as your finishing hydration after your fav jelly mask! 

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2) Social Is Your Friend!

We’re all on social media all the time. What better way to remind your clients about what's on your shelf? Post pics. Talk about the ingredients. Answer questions and misconceptions. Promote sales, last offers, and back in stocks! The Zandi Land online marketing library is complementary and available for your use. There are so many dynamic images that will do the selling for you! Don't forget to tag us in your posts! We love reposting to help drive your business. And by tagging us, your clients can see the company you support which will build trust and confidence in their repeatable purchases. 

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3) If Something Isn’t selling, Don’t Carry It!

We want you to buy the things that work for your business! Track your inventory trends. You don’t have to be a big data nerd to notice what works for you! Are you a vegan salon, stick to our PUREly Stocked Bundle. Do your clients love samples? Make sure to have Deck Products Sample Packs and Kitty Wipes stocked! During vacation season, are travel sizes flying off the shelves? Scale back on your full size bottles and scale up on your travel bottles. Tiny strategic changes make for big business changes!

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4) Sign up for Autoship!

This isn’t just a convenience feature. I mean with all the hats we wear, we will take convenience. But it ensures that you are always stocked, and never miss an opportunity to sell! After a couple purchases, you’ll get in your buying rhythm - but don't hesitate to reach out to us at We love helping you find what's right! Autoship is 100% controlled by you. You get to set your frequency and quantity with the no-strings attached option to suspend or cancel at any time!


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