Boss Up with Swoon Worthy Retail Sales

You survived esthi school, built your clientele, navigated all the red tape of opening a business, and carefully selected the right products to carry. But now, it’s go time, you need your products to sell, and you don’t know where to start! Take a deep breath, you got this! Our Deck Line practically sells itself. Reaching, and exceeding, your sales goals with a bit of personal attention is in your future! Here are 6 easy ways to secure all the bags with Zandi Land Products!

6 Steps for Successful Sales 

1) Don’t just talk about ‘em - be about ‘em! 

It’s a no brainer that bringing up products during service is the best time to start your pitch. But, when was the last time you actually incorporated the products in your service? Our Kitty Wipes and Deck Polish were designed for salon use - not just home use! Your clients will get front row passes to how the products work and you’ll win them over with the luxe feels and aromas. Perfume counters and french bakeries may be onto something here with their free smells - who knew?!

2) Better together!

Now that you’ve captured their attention - time to maximize the sale! The Deck Line is meant to be used together. Make sure to educate your clients on the need for both the Scrub and Polish in their at home routine. If you’re on a roll, upsell a bag of Kitty Wipes to help them feel fresh no matter what curveball the day has in store.

3) Remember your ABCs!

Always Be Closing - ring up their service, their products, and their next appointment in one fell swoop. Scheduling appointments ahead of time not only helps you provide timing recommendations to your clients but it also helps you plan for your inventory. Plan ahead and always be in stock!

4) Keep it Sexy! 

It’s not a secret that we eat with our eyes first. There’s literally an entire industry built off of that principle - marketing! You can talk about products until you're blue in the face - but if your shelves are tired and lack visual information - it’s possible you lost the sale before it even began. Consider what you want to achieve through your retail sales and how you can market it on all your platforms. Don’t be afraid to boast about your products, specials, and services through email, social, and in your physical space! Good news: we have marketing materials for free and purchase - check them out!

5) Free Now, Loyal Forever!

We all have those clients that will follow us to the end of the earth. We love those clients. But we also have some amazing clients that definitely give us a run for our money. This is when we get our game face right and invest in customer loyalty. These clients are a freebie away from being a believer. We offer samples just for them. I mean, who doesn’t like a free sample - amirite? We know that if they try even a little at home, they’ll know you have the special sauce and will be foolish not to come back. Knock knock. Who’s at the door? It’s your new money tree.

6) Finally - Retain Your Babes!

If we had a dollar for every time we called our waxer our therapist - we’d stop typing and run to buy a condo in France! Ain't no coincidence that our industry has that reputation - our clients’ comfort is crucial for their retention and their retention is crucial for our businesses. It’s the circle of esthi life! Afterall, returning customers spend an average of 67% more than new clients. Are you catching our drift? You already have a dazzling personality and a talented touch - but now get them addicted to their new magic genie in a bottle and, well, that’s hook, line, and sinker for your service and retail sales babe!

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