Calling all waxers! Boss up with swoon worthy retail sales

You survived esthi school, built your clientele, became an expert at your craft and maybe even did the hard work navigating all the red tape of opening your own business. But now, it’s time to take it to the next level and the right aftercare products can help your clients and your revenues, in a win-win for everyone. As a wax specialist you know that the right aftercare means the best results, which means happy clients who become your best hype peeps. It can also mean adding additional revenue to your bottom line without adding any time to your books! Zandi Land professional grade wax aftercare products prevent and eliminate redness, irritation and ingrown hairs and keep your clients ready for their next wax. Reaching, and exceeding, your sales goals through thoughtful and honest retail sales can be a reality for your business. Here are 5 easy ways to secure all the bags with Zandi Land Products!

5 ways to boost your retail Sales 

1) Don’t just talk about ‘em - be about ‘em! 

As service providers, none of us signed up to be used car salespeople and sometimes that’s what pushing retail can feel like. But if you come from a place of educating your clients and simply give them the information they need, you're not just making a sale, you're empowering them to get more out of the services they are already paying for. Armed with knowledge, they become savvy decision-makers, and you get to do the happy dance while ringing up that sale!

Educate your client on why they need the products you are recommending, what the products do, and the key ingredients that power them. Start educating your client while you are performing the service...don’t wait until checkout. When they are in your room, you have their undivided attention so ringing up products during service is the best time to start your pitch and show your clients that you really are the expert and not make retail feel like an afterthought. Start by asking them about their main skin challenges and really take the time to listen. When clients know you hear their needs and feel that your homecare routine recommendations are tailored to them, they will feel confident swiping that card to take them home!

And with Zandi Land Products you can take it a step further by incorporating our products right into your services. Not only can our entire line be used in your

Zandi Land Deck Polish perfect for finishing every wax service!

vajacial protocols, but our Kitty Wipes, Kitty Coolers and Deck Polish can be used to start and finish every single wax service you do! And bonus, they come in back bar sizes on our Professional site! Your clients will get front row passes to see how the products work and you’ll win them with immediate results and of course our signature aromas that will make anyone become Team Zandi Land!

2) Better together!

Now that you’ve captured their attention - time to maximize the sale! As a wax specialist, you know that your waxing clients have to exfoliate, hydrate and keep bacteria at bay for the best results in between appointments. With products as affordable as ours, you will want to make sure to send them home with all the products they need to tackle all those needs to keep them soft, smooth and

Zandi Land Deck Scrub, Deck Glow and Deck Polish work best together to keep away ingrown hairs anywhere you wax or shave.

ingrown free from wax to wax. Our entire Deck Line was created to do exactly that in three steps. Send your clients home with Deck Scrub to exfoliate, Deck Polish to hydrate and keep bacteria at bay and Deck Glow to soften and address scarring and hyperpigmentation. With Original, Sensitive and Fragrance Free formulas, you can create an aftercare kit tailored to each and every client’s skin needs for the best wax results they have ever had! 

3) Remember your ABCs!

Always Be Closing - ring up their service, their products, and book their next appointment all at once!. Pre-booking clients’ appointments at check out keeps your books consistent and makes sure your client’s stay soft, smooth and hair free! Increasing the frequency of a client’s visit can get you to your goals more than you could imagine. 

Imagine a client normally sees you every 6 weeks for a Brazilian wax,  without pre-booking. They might get caught up with life, not book during busy holiday seasons or be the type that just lets it go a little longer. That equates to 8 visits per year, at $65 per visit that’s $520 annually. Increase that frequency to every four weeks through education and pre-booking, and that means 13 visits (5 more visits a year!)

Increase your revenue with Professional wax aftercare products by Zandi Land Products.

which is an extra $325 (before tips or any product upsells!). If you have an average book of 100 clients, if you get just 30% of them to move to this increased schedule, that can be almost an extra $10,000 annually! Now think if you added just one Deck Scrub to each of those clients at each visit and you have now added an additional $8,000 on top of that! An additional $18,000 added to your revenues just from pre-booking and adding some retail sales. That’s the power of ABCs!

4) Make it Magical! 

It’s not a secret that we eat with our eyes first. There’s literally an entire industry built off of that principle - marketing! You can talk about products until you're blue in the face - but if your shelves are tired and lack visual information - it’s possible you lost the sale before it even began. Make sure your shelves look well stocked and are a part of your client experience. Great retail shelves always make a space look top notch! And not to brag, but Zandi Land has a way of making shelves look their best. And we have available marketing materials on our Professional site to add more info to your shelves and even a Purr-scription pad to purr-scribe your clients their perfect aftercare routine!  

Consider what you want to achieve through your retail sales and how you can market it on all your platforms. Don’t be afraid to boast about your products, specials, and services through email, social, and in your physical space!! Our Pro marketing library provides images, videos and other collateral to market anywhere you need to! 

5) Free Now but Loyal Forever!

We all have those clients that will follow us to the end of the earth. We love those clients. But we also have some amazing clients that definitely give us a run for our money. This is when we get our game face right and invest in customer loyalty. These clients are a freebie away from being a believer and might need to see it to believe it when it comes to products. Samples can be a great way to convince these skeptics and you can snag a box of our samples (also available in our PURE line) from our Professional site

Zandi Land Professional Sample Packs Wax Aftercare

and give ‘em a little taste. (Not a Zandi Land Pro yet? Learn more here). We know that if they try even a little at home, they’ll know you have the special sauce and will definitely be back. Knock knock. Who’s at the door? It’s your new money tree.

And for those digital savvy clients who prefer to try a taste and then shop online, we make sure you don’t have to lose out on sales. We offer each of our Pro Estheticians their own affiliate link so no matter where clients are, they can shop online and our Pros still get the commissions! 

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