Interested in Repping the Zandi Land Brand? Become an Affiliate!

Over here at Zandi Land Products, we talk a lot about bikini skincare, exfoliation, ingrown hair treatment, and skin health. And when we aren’t obsessing over products, we are working behind the scenes to support professional service providers in our industry. As a business, we encourage the radical idea of crafty entrepreneurship, diversifying income streams, and enjoying life while we have it. When the pandemic hit and salons were mandated to close, we seized the moment to create a passive income opportunity for our wonderful community of estheticians. And so, the Zandi Land Products Affiliate Program was created! 

Got questions about how this might benefit you? Well we have answers! 

What Is the Zandi Land Products Affiliate Program?

Actively licensed estheticians with a verifiable business can qualify to become a Zandi Land affiliate earning up to 20% of all sales made through their unique, individual link. We love the affiliate program and know you will too. There are no fees to sign up or participate and no minimum purchases. Your clients purchase products directly from our website using your unique link, then we do all the heavy lifting of packing, tracking and shipping their products directly to them! 

We know that the sales most likely to happen are the ones that happen during a client service, which is why many professional aestheticians opt in to becoming a Zandi Land wholesaler and carrying our products on their shelves. But we know that everyone is not yet set up to retail or simply is not ready to take on the investment. Our affiliate program is a great alternative to be able to sell professional products and earn coin doing so.

And if you are already one of our verified retailers with products on your shelves, we know you worry about the devastating situation of running out of stock. The next thing you know, you’re watching your clients walk out the door carrying nothing but your lost sales. Never miss those opportunities to sell products in the moment again! While we always want our wholesalers to be fully stocked (have you signed up for autoship yet?), life happens! And, we got your backup plan with our affiliate program. Let your clients purchase directly from your ipad or their own phone before they leave your spot and know they will be set with the aftercare they need for the best results!

How do I Sign Up and Get Paid?

Signing up is free and easy. There’s nothing to lose, only money to gain! Whether or not you are an already approved wholesaler, submit an application. Our account team will review your information and activate your accepted account within 2-3 days if you meet all criteria (remember you must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist and have a verifiable business!). 

Once approved, you will get your unique link. All that’s left to do is share out your link and get ready to watch those sales fly! Gone are the days of complicated payouts. You will be paid for all prior month sales on the first Friday of the next month. Payment retrieval is super easy with PayPal details!

What Tips For Success Do You Have for Me?

Let’s talk Pro Tips! Post your link anywhere you interact with your clients: social media, email or sms communication services, your website, and in your studio using a QR code! You always have the option to offer a 10% discount code to clients. This is a great carrot to use for first-time purchases, seasonal promotions, or to bolster sales when you need them! Here are some added tips to make sure your affiliate game is on point!

  • Use our photo marketing library to use product images and post those to your social media accounts or website. Don’t forget to follow us on Insta, and if you see an image there you’d like to use, feel free to re-post right from our page. 
  • Your customers love YOU! So make sure that your customers know that when they shop through your unique affiliate link that not only are they getting amazing products that you recommend, but that they are directly supporting you in the process. 
  • Use your link and a handheld device to let clients shop right from your waxing room! Many of our top affiliates love to have an ipad in their room to use for check out where they also have their affiliate shopping link pulled up on a web browser. They then add the products they recommend for their client to the cart and allow the guest to check out right there before leaving the appointment. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am/sir! Aftercare products are on the way and you are banking your commission.

  • If you are using your link to promote online on your social or website, make sure that you have a specific call to action along with your link so that people know exactly what to do. Good verbiage for this might be “Make sure to use my personal link to shop the products I recommend for waxing aftercare!” or “Shop here (insert your personal affiliate link) to bag the wax aftercare you need and support (business name)”
  • Need a little extra incentive to get your clients or friends to purchase. Each affiliate gets a 10% discount code they can give and increase your chance of closing the sale. Your discount code is your full name (it's that easy ☺️). If Jane Fierce signed up as an affiliate, her discount code would be JANEFIERCE. Your clients and friends can use this code and you'll make commission on the discounted price. 

What Do Top Affiliates Have to Say?

Check out what Laynee Jae, Zandi Land Products Affiliate and Soft-Wax Brazilian Waxing Guru says about being a successful brand affiliate.

Find Laynee Jae on Insta @ljbrazwaxing and see her hilarious TikToks @layneejae

On the benefits of being an affiliate...

"The best benefit to having an affiliate link in my opinion is that it no longer makes me the middle man. I don’t have to worry about ordering, inventory, proper product storage or product expiration dates. I’m able to offer a the same product/solution for their skin concerns while they feel like they’re getting a sweet deal because they get a discount and product shipped to their front door at their leisure. It’s truly a win/win."

On where she finds the most success promoting her affiliate link...

"Tiktok and Instagram are the platforms that bring me the most engagement and invested followers. I highly recommend utilizing the tiktok algorithm to any business owner. Ive had clients - strangers, travel 5 hours to support my business because tiktok showed them a random video of me being my goofy self. That’s bonkers. That’s powerful." 

On who she feels are the best people to promote her affiliate link to...

"Every single person who shares a problem that your product solves. Wherever; whenever. It doesn’t have to feel salsey or slimey. This isn’t MLM. Ha ha. It’s simple. They have a skin concern; I have that skin concerns solution. “Oh, and here’s a little discount code for the support if you want to save some money at checkout.” No pressure, personable, efficient. Affiliate sales are the future of small businesses. Thank freaking god. Do I look like the kind of business owner who effectively & responsibly counts her inventory on a monthly basis? Yeah, ha ha, no. I’ll take the ‘one less thing’ off of my never-ending business-owning to-do list."

If that answers all your questions, you might be ready to apply here! Still have questions? Contact us at and we will take a deep dive to answer whatever you want to know!

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