The Life Changing Product All Estheticians Need in Their Wax Room!

As estheticians, we’re well aware that waxing services can be intimidating for our clients! While we may be un-phased by hot wax and anatomy, it can definitely be an adrenaline fueled situation for our guests. Great estheticians don’t just execute precise services but are pros at creating an environment where everyone can walk into the waxing room exactly as they are.



Sometimes that means welcoming clients for their service down there after a hot yoga class, or after a sticky subway ride, or while they’re menstruating. Let’s face it, as ideal as a steamy relaxing shower before a brazilian wax sounds, sometimes our busy lives limit that luxury. Zandi Land Products created the perfect solution for all of us busy bodies on the go!


Kitty Wipes are a large pre-moistened wipe specifically designed for our most intimate bits. These pH balanced soft touch wipes gently freshen with Aloe, Chamomile, Cucumber Extract, and Vitamin E. Continuing with Zandi Land’s standard of quality, Kitty Wipes are cruelty free, paraben free, alcohol free, fragrance free and biodegradable. Flushable wipes aren’t comfy on the coochie! So, avoid throwing them down the toilet, please. We don’t want to piss off our fellow humans

Spindale, NC based esthetician Jordan Wilson (@jordanwilsonbeauty) fell in love with Kitty Wipes after her first introduction and knew she had to bring them into her wax room. She provides a Kitty Wipe to every client when they come in for a brazilian service. “It gives them the confidence they need to feel nice and cleaned up before their wax. Clients rave about how amazing they feel and how clean (they) feel after using them!! They are a must have in my wax room!”



We all know that once a client raves about a product they sampled, they can trust us to recommend other products. Kitty Wipes is an easy and affordable way for clients to be introduced to Zandi Land Products and become comfortable with the rest of your bikini skincare retail. Chances are if they love feeling fresh, they will also love feeling ingrown free. This is the time to start talking about the holy trinity of after wax skincare, hydration, exfoliation, and fresh-sensations!

While Kitty Wipes are a great way to freshen up as a pre-wax wipe, they’re amazing for everyday (or night *wink*) use. “Zandi Land Kitty Wipes are a great product to throw in your gym bag to freshen up before or after your workout. (They) are great to take on the go for anytime you want a little pick me up, down there” Chino Hills, CA based esthetician Melissa (@melissamarieartistry)

Kitty Wipes are available for back bar as well as retail purchase! Grab yours today and watch your clients’ lives transform to the freshest yet! 

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