Sonuva Pandemic!

“I hope this message reaches you…in these unprecedented...socially distanced...web call...times. Sorry about that, I was on mute - can you hear me now?”

Ugh, crazy to think that in 7 loooooong months we have a whole new vocabulary to navigate this world. But to be honest, personally, I would have preferred the “How to Be a Successful Businessperson in a Global Pandemic with Social Unrest” handbook instead of all the extra jargon in my inbox.

I mean, it takes a lot of grit to enter into the beauty industry - but nothing could have prepared us for this. We’ve overcome society downplaying our industry’s intelligence and savviness. There are endless trends and standards that we have to stay up to date with. We have tough conversations with client’s wants and realistic expectations. Client comfort and safety are constantly running in our minds. Not to mention that this is a highly physical industry that takes its toll on our own bodies. While we love what we do - and we know how financially rewarding our career choice can be - it’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here, y’all. 

We’re strong and know how to get in the groove of wearing so many hats. But in all of our business plans, who has pandemic planning included? If you are that person, give us a call - because we have a lot of questions for your clairvoyance! 

This spring, all of us got knocked on our asses as we watched our worlds come to a screeching halt. We took to baking, TV binging, extra bonding time with our quarateam and furry roommates, and rested - hopefully lots of it!  While all of that was happening, we also knew we are ambitious business people that love being of service to our clients and our dreams.

So as our economy shifted, we took to reimagining the space we hold. Some of us for the first time left big box businesses and opened our own suites. Some of us virtually coached our clients through their at home self wax bravery. Some of us added on extra side hustles.

We loved to see it all! 

The scrappiness of our community is inspirational. We had to rise to the occasion! So we thought, why not take advantage of everyone being stuck at home while supporting our lovely community of small business owner wholesalers?!

So what did we do and how can you surf the wave with us? We doubled down on our production - as best as we could - after all it’s still a pandemic and we are stewards of ethically safe working environments. We listened to you all and have started to launch new products and improve our packaging. Hi - gorgeous Kitty Wipes Bags and upcoming BB Deck Polish!   

And we started an affiliate program! Let’s face reality - most of us aren’t open or are only half open. Even if we were, we probably don't have time to manage all of our retail operations in between homeschooling our ankle-biters and long grocery store lines. So we took all the hard work off of your plate - while giving you a little kick back. Can you say up to 30% commissions - say whaaaaat?!

We’re still navigating all these twists and turns together and admittedly can’t wait for a beach vacation with our girls, whenever that will be - 2045? But, in the meantime, we got your back and want to watch you win! 

Thanks for all your love, support, and good vibes through all of this. Pop in our comments and let us know how we’ve helped you thrive this year!

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