Welcome to the Party! Zandi Land Style!

The champagne is pouring, the pink carpet has been rolled out, and it’s time for your exclusive VIP tour!

Our site has received a sexy upgrade and was redesigned for you and with you in mind. It is a one stop shop to learn about all of our products, purchase your next order, configure your automatic shipments, and gain all the Zandi Land education you need to kill the game!

Product Descriptions

We are product gurus, junkies, and evangelists! We love talking about products, especially when it comes to our magic kitty potions! On our product pages, we provide you with all the details you need to make the right decisions for your business and help your clients feel informed.

Exclusive Shopping

Turning profit just became a cake walk! As a professional you will always be locked in to wholesale prices with at least 50% margins. In addition to your dreamy profit potential, you have exclusive access to back bar sizes, professional bundles, and front of the line passes when we release products!

Automate It!

We do it for our meal prep, our toiletries, our wax, and now your favorite bikini skincare products! Our easy to schedule auto shipments are completely complimentary and fully customizable to your needs. Don’t ever be caught low on product again!


“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!”  We’re all in this together and we’re all about creating a community to lift each other up and celebrate our talents. You can look forward to our blogs featuring bad ass ladies, unique columns, and diverse perspectives. With professional access - you’ve automatically been upgraded to the professional content that you’ll love to crave!


We want our wax game to be polished and our product sales to be seamless. But sometimes, there’s a question that trips us up! Our FAQs have been curated with real questions from professionals so that the next time you're tongue-tied - you have a secret assistant to help you out!

Marketing Library

When you are ready to get the word out about the holy grail of bikini skin care, we have you covered. Visit our Marketing Library to find all of the Digital, Print, and Affiliate materials you need to make your Zandi Land game strong! 

If you’re still reading this - get your cute booty on the dance floor. Start clicking around babe - and unleash your full retail potential! This party is a whole vibe!

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