Benefits of Becoming a Retailer

So you’re a licensed esthetician, salon owner or industry professional who’s heard the buzz about Zandi Land Beauty bikini skin care products? You’ve heard how our products exfoliate and hydrate to prevent and eliminate redness, irritation and ingrown hairs in between waxing, sugaring or even shaving...

Or maybe you haven’t heard about us yet but have been searching for the best

professional grade aftercare products for your waxing or sugaring clients and came across our page. Either way, we see you boss babe and we’re glad you swung by!

You know that there is no time like the present to boost your business’ retail sales! You also know that the right products used during service and at home make for happy repeat clients that will surely brag about you in their circles! We know you already have these basics down, but we want you to be an expert on all the benefits in store for your business if you qualify to become a Zandi Land Professional Retail Partner.

We’re here to answer all your burning questions and guide you through the process of setting up a Zandi Land Professional Retail Program. 

What Makes Zandi Land Products Stand Out for Pros?

We love taking care of our Partners just as much as we stand by our products! 

Made for Professionals, By Professionals. As salon owners and 20 year industry veteran service providers, we struggled to find something that we could sell to our clients with confidence. Everything on the market was either too harsh, too drying or came in packaging that pooled up with gross bacteria in the shower. So we created our own, vetted it on our own clients and sold it in our own salons before we ever even brought it to the larger market. We made edits, got feedback and reviews and made sure it was the cat’s meow before it ever got to touch a kitty we didn’t know up close and personal! That’s what makes it so special and why it works like magic. 

Here are six other reasons to start your journey to Zandi Land!

  1. Quality. We spent three years developing our initial formulas and selecting the right ingredients.. Better ingredients and packaging make us more effective than other products on the market. Check out our full suite of products, ingredient listings, and much more at Zandi Land

  2. Ethical. Our products are and will always be cruelty and paraben-free. And as of 2022, all of our products will be fully vegan and packaged in 30% post consumer recycled materials. 

  3. Inclusive. We understand different textures and skin sensitivities! No matter what skin type you or your clients have, or type of hair removal you prefer, we have the right products to keep skin smooth, healthy, glowing and ingrown free. 

  4. Profitable.  We provide great margins so that you can see your profit grow on each transaction. As a Pro you can expect special pricing and exclusive promotions on all of your wholesale purchases. Once you get your account set up you will have access to all of this pricing plus our introductory specials on your first order! 

  5. Secure. Only verified accounts can purchase at wholesale pricing online through our password-protected wholesale site With wholesale site access, you will have access to a full digital media, education and marketing materials you can use to promote your sales.

  6. Exclusive. You will never see us on Amazon or any other discount site. We promise!


Sounds right up your alley? But still wondering what else you get as a retail partner? Well...

On top of gaining wholesale prices by buying in bulk, Retail Partners also have

exclusive access to our back bar products that can’t be found anywhere else! Back bar products add extra value to your services and help support the retail you have on your shelves. Read more about our revolutionary back bar products here and here.

Additionally, Partners gain access to Zandi Land’s exclusive Marketing Library full of videos, images, and other tools you can use to promote your sales. Our partners are estheticians not graphic designers and we try to take that burden away from you.

Annnnndddd, Partners are featured in our Retail Finder  so that potential customers can find you!

We also love to highlight and engage with our amazing community of retail partners on our social media platforms! Check out our Instagram @zandilandproducts.


So, Do I Qualify?

First things first, let’s make sure that becoming a Professional Retail Partner is right for you! Our pro access is for serious estheticians looking to bring retail products into their business.

Partnering with Zandi Land means that you will be purchasing products at wholesale costs, at a fraction of the cost so that you can retail to your customers. Hello profits! To keep our prices low and make sure that only serious retailers are getting these amazing prices, our wholesale products are sold in multiples of six units of any SKU purchased on our Professional site (except back bar products which can be purchased individually.

To qualify, our application team makes it super easy! We have our full digital application form available right on our site. To complete the application we will just need all your basic deets as well as a couple of additional items.

Since our Professional Retail Program is for businesses who are interested in retailing our products, rather than just a discount program, we will also need you to provide:

  1. Proof of your active business through a website link, booking site link, or social media handle. We gotta weed out any fake accounts that might want to take advantage of our amazing Pro prices! 

  2. A copy of your resale certification showing that you are licensed to sell retail in your state or locality. Since you are applying for a wholesale account


Setting up your wholesale account is easy! Just head on over to our application whenever you're ready.

Try Our Products!

Haven't had a chance to try out the good stuff? We have full and travel sizes available for you to purchase on our retail website at

Contact Us!

If you aren’t ready to sign up for a professional account just yet, but have more questions or want to inquire about our Professional Affilate Program feel free to reach out via email at

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